Riser & Flowline Test & Analysis Engineer





Engineering degree or equivalent with major in mechanical / material science, hydrodynamics.
Minimum 10 years experience in the subsea industry.
Significant previous knowledge of projects involving rigid riser and flowline system in deepwater.
Previous experience in the design of SHR and PiP system required.
Deep understanding of the failure mode of the components considered.
Good command of finite element analysis and computational mechanics to allow possible benchmarking /
extrapolation of test results using numerical models.
Significant previous experience in the management of component mechanical testing of rigid products, to be
applied to pipeline and riser system, including eg full scale bending, full scale fatigue, etc applied to EPCI project
or R&D activities.
Proven past experience of delivering similar test program within project budget and schedule.
Previous experience of riser and pipeline system design overall, with deep understanding of in-place and
installation loads and service conditions.
Good command of mechanical weakness related to stress concentrations and impact on failure modes such as
fatigue of welds etc.
Competencies in Finite Element Analysis of pipelines, spools and jumpers or riser modelling (eg Flexcom,
Abaqus, Orcaflex)
English is used throughout the project, French language is an advantage.


Main activities:


Deadline: 28/01/2023 11:00