Service holder is responsible for all the activities relative to services to the Project in the following domains:


• Participate to the Project Budget preparation
• Coordinate the detailed preparation and issues of the various budgets (internal & external) with input from the members of the project team
• To provide “ad-hoc” support as required
Cost Reporting
• Prepare the Cost Control reports
• Assistance to cost trends analysis.
• Monitoring and Assessment of Commitments, Variations and Value of Work done


Cost Control
• Participate to Monitoring and Control of the Project expenditures
• Control and input the commitments data. Allocation of commitments to       budgets
• Verification of invoice and cash call from Contractors and Vendors
• Preparation of cash flow estimate and final forecast costs
• File the cost control documents according the document filing system.
• Ensure RFS full process administration (open, register, analysis, control, report, closure)
• Preparation and monitoring of AFE’s
• Estimation of changes
• Establishing and maintaining appropriate costing philosophy and methodology for Marsa Project.


• To implement an efficient invoicing process between the different locations of each project
• To monitor invoices, in liaison with TEPOD accounting department to enable timely payment of invoices.


Deadline for submission:   22 / 1/ 2024


-MARSA WSC Allowances